Puppy parties

Bring your puppy to meet some friends

Socialising your puppy at a young age is one of the most important aspects in ensuring that you have a well-balanced, properly behaved pet later on in life.

We recommend that your puppy attends one of our puppy parties to meet other young dogs under a controlled environment. Here they will get a chance at a young age* (as many of them have not been fully vaccinated and would therefore not be allowed out) to experience dogs of different breeds, disposition and behaviour.

The puppy party is free and consists of….

  • One and half hour session with our veterinary healthcare advisor.
  • Practical tips and information on puppy socialisation.
  • Advice on worming, flea treatment, neutering and other health topics.
  • Advice and practical demonstration of basic training.
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments.
  • Lots of time for questions and play.

Look out for your invitation in the post. Alternatively, if you’ve just moved to the area and you have not registered with a veterinary surgery yet, then phone 01823 333909 to register and enquire about the puppy party.

* Puppies must have had first vaccinations.