We perform routine neutering procedures on all domestic pets. We are also able to do most other soft tissue surgery procedures from the removal of small lumps and warts to removing invasive cancers. We are also able to repair ruptured cruciate ligaments, broken jaws and many uncomplicated bone fractures.

The operating theatre

The operating theatre is where major sterile surgical procedures are carried out. A totally clean environment is essential and the room is constructed so that this can be maintained. The theatre has just one entrance and only personnel directly involved may enter.


The patient is initially anaesthetised with a rapid acting intravenous agent given through a catheter and maintained with oxygen and Isofluorane gas precisely delivered from the anaesthetic machine.

This routine allows rapid recovery so that most patients will be able to return home on the same day after routine surgery.

Veterinary nurses, who have thorough formal training in anaesthetic techniques, will monitor the patient’s progress to make these procedures as safe as possible. The surgical site is covered with sterile drapes for the operation.

Surgical procedures include routine neutering and tumour removal in dogs, cats and various other pets. We also carry out a range of soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures such as fracture repair.

When the procedure is finished oxygen is given until consciousness is regained. The breathing tube is removed and monitoring continued until the patient is fully awake.

You will be asked to call for a progress report and arrange a time for collection. Instructions on home care and any medicines required are given on discharge by the nurse.

Equipment found in and around the theatre:

  • Fully adjustable stainless steel operating table.
  • Powerful operating lamp to give excellent vision of the operating field.
  • Anaesthetic machine and circuit using Isoflurane for rapid recovery with minimal after effect.
  • Monitoring equipment to closely supervise the patient throughout the procedure.
  • Autoclave steriliser for rapid and complete preparation of instruments.
  • Surgeons scrub sink for thorough antiseptic hand washing prior to using sterilised gloves for the operation.